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Hale's Storm by Alissa Bright, a novel about World War 2.  Best-seller Young Adult Historical Fiction


Hale's Fire by Alissa Bright, 2nd book in the Hale's Storm Series about World War 2.  Best-selling Young Adult Historical Fiction


Phin's Fall by Alissa Bright, novella in a YA series about World War 2 and Pearl Harbor.  Amazon Best-selling Young Adult Historical Fiction







Total page-turner!! LOVED every second- which is rare for me, I usually think books start out really dry and boring. But, right from the beginning, you are thrown into the cut-throat world of the 1930's! War, love, riches, poverty and mystery- what's not to love?! I CANNOT wait for the second book to come out! Hands down my favorite book right now!

I was shocked when I started reading this book that it is written in present tense. I didn't think the author could pull that off for an entire book but she does and she pulls it off amazingly! I started this book and it captured me. Infact because life is busy I hide the book, out of sight out of mind approach, so I would stop reading (doesn't help when you know where you hid it). I could not get the story line out of my mind so I retrived the book promising myself I'd only read it for 1/2 hour. I couldn't stop though, it was TOO good. I just had to finish it. Yes, it completely captured me and I loved being caught. Yes, I highly recommend this book.

I couldn't put it down!!!! The absolute best character development. I found myself loving people so fast!! Every girl is going to fall in love with the love interests.


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 Alissa Bright grew up loving books and movies about

World War II. She writes

historical fiction in hopes that

real American History will become as popular as sparkly vampires.  While she won't admit to being "grown up" yet, she now writes 

fictional WWII stories of her own for young adults.  She resides

by the beach in Cayucos, California with her husband and 2 children. 

Her favorite quote:  

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” 

-Henry Ford 

Alissa Bright


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